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For centuries, the council has dedicated itself to the preservation of the Divide-a wall separating the mortal and demon realms of existence. Now that time of peace has become threatened for the Divide itself teeters on the brink of collapse as the Awrelyn council struggles to maintain it. If it dissolves the members of the panel would be soon to follow and the ramifications for the mortal societies of collective planes could be cataclysmic.

**Kariseona, the daughter of the High Lord Loresan in Hazelon, struggles to find her identity in her relatively uneventful existence. When her father offers to send her on a trade mission for his stronghold she gladly accepts the charge. As Kariseona begins her travels, she encounters a contingent of soldiers from the military fortress Reflection Keep and learns of an ensuing invasion destined to bring about a war encompassing the lands of the Serdonan lands; inclusive of her monarchy. So begins her quest, wherein she will do everything she can to prevent the impending war. But despite her efforts to gain support for her campaign of peace from adjoining lands she faces opposition from her own people as well as the guild of the Grenspawn Empire. Tensions begin to rise and some of the support she believes she has gained becomes suspect.

**Royce, her elder brother, already in the village of Samathas, awaits her arrival. Everything changes when he meets Torsovrahd and is forced to flee the village when the federation seeks to imprison the two. Thrown together with Sei-shon-a weaponsmaster also from Hazelon, and two brothers Tefkin and Genrithian native to the village Samathas, Royce and Torsovrahd go on the run trying to find out why the federation wants them. Their investigation leads to the unraveling of a much larger plot that includes the destruction of kingdoms, the enslavement of the realm and the collapse of the Divide. They realize that in order to stop what is to come they must actively take part in the war against the dark forces that are pursuing them. Royce and his friends learn that they must split up in order to fight, thus the small group is separated into even smaller bands, removed from all that is familiar and spread throughout the lands in order to fulfill specific charges. As they gather artifacts and gain knowledge necessary to overthrow the dark forces that have massed together to annihilate their existence, the heroes must continue to motivate themselves and find ways to survive and triumph in the face of loss and deception.