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Name: Royce Flid ('rois 'flid)
Species: human/Hazelonian
Weapons/equipment used: spear/sword
Abilities: depth, hand-to-hand combat

Royce, carefree and independent, is the older brother of Kariseona. He is not close to either of his parents but has a very close relationship with his younger sister. Sometimes prideful and moody, Royce's instinct is always to go against the grain. This method has not won him many supporters, although, his closest friends value his ability to question what others will seemingly accept as the way of things.
Royce feels completely unfit for his responsibilities as the son of a high lord. Not a political person, Royce prefers to immerse himself in the trade and merchandizing conditions of his father's kingdom, considering it a safer and less stressful path of choice. Besides, it allows him the opportunity to see the world. His travels take him to the village of Samathas where he meets Torsovrahd, whose presence heralds the start of an unforeseen journey. Royce helps her to flee the clutches of the federation with the aid of his friends, Sei-shon, Tefkin and Genrithian. This act dramatically changes the course his systematic life has since led. Together the small band adventure across Ryll.