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Kariseona RC link retreat advance

Name: Kariseona Thalus ('kä 'rE 'shon aah '[th]A 'l&s)
Species: human/Hazelonian
Weapons/equipment used: sword of frostore
Abilities: sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat

Kariseona, the daughter of Loresan and Rameisa Thalus, easily becomes annoyed and frustrated when she has to struggle to be heard. She is impetuous without being reckless.
Very much like her brother, Royce, this young lady has an overwhelming need to prove herself an independent. She believes she has the ability to distinguish herself should she be given the chance to exhibit her skills. The opportunity presents itself in a trade mission granted to her by her father. She is to travel to Samathas and join up with her brother who will give her the details of her charge.
Teaming up with Thabil, a highly skilled warrior, she departs Hazelon.